Playing Games Is Better with Friends

I can enjoy a good single player game as much as the next gamer. In fact, being by myself can sometimes be cathartic. But only sometimes.

Hotacularity! Having an added interactive personality or two to spice up the time you spend with your favorite pixels? Why, who could resist? Friends, and people in general, make gaming multidimensional. They point out things you may have missed, spend joyous hours entertaining you, share the journey of your characters from one point to another, and make you feel like not so much of a geeky gamer freak because hey – you’ve got friends who play too, so spending twenty hours a week or more on an activity atypical to most people in society isn’t quite so lonely an affair.

My personal favorite? Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions during PvP combat.

Playing video games with your friends has been revolutionized by the widespread use and acceptance of the Internet. Nowadays getting everyone together for a game or two can be a whole lot more frequent than once every one to two or more weeks, depending on lifestyle.

I can’t tell you how glad I am for that fact. I see my friends congregated for an evening once every four months. What a lonely gaming life that would be if connectivity weren’t so readily available.

Friends bring so much to the table, all of which is based on their own personality.

You may have a strategist who thinks up imaginative plans to defeat a boss or event, a jack of all trades who can supply you with necessary information on that secondary profession you’ve always hated and couldn’t stand to level, the organizer who plans dungeon crawls and leads everyone through, or a joker that will always manage to get a laugh or two. Perhaps you’ve got all types.

Or maybe you’ve formed a dynamic duo. Here’s my tribute to you – so activate those wonder twin powers. Pairs in games create well oiled and much more easily mobile machines.

Friends are there to share the good times where you reach the maximum level, the bad times when the boss refuses to drop your shiny new armor, and the worst times when the Game Masters accidentally turn your toon into a boy. Yech.

She got hit by a CAR. And sometimes you’ll find that it’s not just friends who lend amusement and more enjoyment to a game, but also any random players you may meet in persistent worlds or the game chatrooms.

I will never forget the day I walked into the great foyer of a game’s hardest instance with a raid ready to tear apart the most difficult boss, to be greeted by a group of individuals reciting poetry.

Yeah, I have no idea either.

While I do enjoy NPCs being totally off their rockers and bickering incessantly with my character as in many RPGs, real humans add the elements of surprise and change.

I certainly have my share of anecdotes and very fond memories. Don’t you? If you do, don’t hesitate to share them with us below.