I Will Always Choose Wooden Toys over Plastic Ones

Wooden toys are the best! And in this article, we’re going to find out why.

You probably never thought about the fact that some toys are better than others – at least when it comes to the materials they’re being made from. But the truth is that this matters as well and wooden toys are by far the best possible type of toys you can buy for kids today. If you still don’t believe me, read on to find out why.

First of all – and extremely important for us all, especially if we don’t have fortunes to spend, is the fact that wooden toys are generally more durable than plastic ones. For this reason alone, wooden toys already win the race: they’re more durable and they’ll last for longer, at least in their initial form.

Some people are concerned that wooden toys affect the environment greatly and maybe even more than plastic does. In the end – you have to cut down trees in order to make these toys and that can’t be good, right?

Well, that is true under the right circumstances. But did you know that plastic needs about 500 years to decompose? That is a lot more than wood, which only requires a maximum of 13 years. It’s till a lot, but not 500-years lot.

Also, companies are starting to be extremely responsible when it comes to the sources of wood they use. More and more companies are now using wood provided from sustainable sources, meaning that the impact over out planet is reduced to a minimum. So definitely those who love the planet should never consider wood more dangerous than plastic!

Plus, the added bonus is that wood can be recycled – and you can even teach your kids about recycling when it comes to this material, which benefits the planet in the long run even more.

Wooden toys are also considered generally safer for kids. The paint used on wooden toys is usually less toxic (if toxic at all) for kids. This is especially important when it comes to younger babies, but in the end nobody, no matter the age, should add extra chemicals and poison to their bodies.

It’s true, not all paint used on plastic toys is toxic, but some is. You can never really know, especially when it comes from toys imported from countries where information like the toxicity of the paint used is difficult to be found or double checked.

How many times have you heard the news of various plastic toys being recalled because they were considered dangerous to the health of babies and kids? It happens pretty often and you can only wonder how many dangerous toys were missed by health inspectors.

So even though plastic toys are cheaper than wooden ones, it’s the long term costs that matter the most here. Staying healthy for as long as possible is the main goal here – you don’t want to spend fortunes on doctors, pills and hospital visits later on in life because you were too cheap to buy slightly more expensive toys!

Wooden toys are also believed to increase creativity and help our children become more creative, according to various studies.

It is often said that the best toy for a kid is a toy that does nothing. Some of the older folks still remember playing with sticks and stones back when they were young and turning them into monster and princesses, soldiers and fairies and so many amazing things. You definitely get a lot more creative when it comes to toys that are not already built to overstimulate one’s imagination. And this helps a lot in the long run.

And, in the end, there’s also this nostalgia feeling that you can get from wooden toys. Most of us had few plastic toys when they were little and many of our toys were wooden.

There are still wooden toys that we have since when we were kids, and some are even passed on by our parents. This gives wooden toys a lot more value and makes them so much more awesome. Having a thing last for years or even generations – now that’s definitely something impressive.

How many plastic toys that are still functional do you have from your parents or grandparents? Not too many, and that’s not happening just because there weren’t many plastic toys back then to start with anyways.

In the end, it’s up for everybody to decide what type of toys are better for them or their children. I personally believe that wooden toys are the kings and nothing can get better than having a bunch of wooden toys to play with.

I won’t lie and say that I don’t own or would never buy plastic toys. There are areas where wood can’t be as amazing as plastic is (I’m looking at you, LEGO, you addictive thing!) but generally and whenever possible, it’s a lot better to try and go for this material. At least this is my opinion – and that of many experts in the field.

Wood beats plastic. Do you agree?

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